Skinny Quill Collar
Skinny Quill Collar
Skinny Quill Collar
Skinny Quill Collar

Skinny Quill Collar

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The Skinny Quill Collar is lightweight and simple, easy to wear for small, toy dogs under 3kg. A one-size, non-adjustable collar is perfect for dogs who are fully grown, or at least 10 months old. Puppies are not recommended to get this collar. Being a fixed-size collar, it removes the excessive weight of extra hardware and material to reduce weight as much as possible.

Gold and Black hardware will come with thicker D rings. Rose Gold hardware will come with thinner D rings. If your dog pulls, DO NOT order rose gold hardware.

Perfect for all activities, it can withstand a heck of a beating. Your dog can finally swim, run and roll in everything yucky (also stinky stuff) to their heart's content, and you will stay stress-free knowing that your dog is wearing reliable The Sleek Hound accessories. 

To clean, simply hand-wash with dish soap and water, with a sponge or rag to work any nasty dirt out of the hardware or webbing crevasses. Which Hardware should you pick? Please see Care on how to clean properly and find out what is the most suitable hardware for you.

See our Lifetime Guarantee in the event your hardware fails. We will replace it at no charge.


  • Waterproof
  • Durable
  • Resistant to abrasion, crack, cuts, mold, mildew
  • Stink-proof
  • Low maintenance, does not require typical leather care
  • Easy to clean and dry
  • Has the appearance, flexibility and softness of leather
  • Does not fray like nylon
  • Colour is fade-resistant; will stay bright for the years to come


  • Take a measuring tape and put it around your pet's neck to form a loop. Make sure to leave a one-finger spacing underneath the tape. If your pet has a thick coat, measure slightly looser with 2-finger spacing. The loop of tape will be an actual representation of the collar tightness. Most importantly the loop must not be able to reverse out of the head. You must try to slide the loop off the head to check.
  • Size is fixed and non-adjustable. Not recommended for puppies who are still growing. 
  • Fluffy dogs should be measured against their skin to get the best fit
  • Do not measure your existing collars for sizing
  • Only suitable for toy dogs below 3kg


As every screen/monitor has different colour properties, there can be slight differences from what you see and the actual product. We do our best to represent the most accurate colours.

Each consumer is responsible for determining the suitability of these products. Consumer accepts all responsibility by purchasing the products. The Sleek Hound is not responsible for any and all injuries that can occur from the improper use of its products. Constant supervision is recommended when your dog is using these products. Check for wear and tear before each use.

Due to the handmade nature of these items, there may be slight variations in colour or length. No two leashes or collars will be identical.