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FAQ & Care

How to clean

Did your pooch jump into the water, mud, dirt, and everything stinky? Time to clean their gear. Simply rinse with water, or for nasty situations, hand-wash with dish soap and water, using a sponge or rag to work out any nasty dirt out of the hardware or webbing crevasses. Use a soft bristle brush to clean in the nook and cranny. If it still stinks, soak and wash in a bucket filled with white vinegar diluted with water. That should do the trick. Don't forget to dry with a towel, then you are ready for your next adventure! 

Please note that insect repellents containing DEET will damage the webbing. Hence, it is recommended to use insect repellents that do not contain this ingredient, so try to find all-natural repellents. Avoid using wet wipes due to the possibility of it containing ingredients that may damage the coating of the webbing. If you accidentally used wet wipes, please dry it immediately and do not allow it to air dry. Do not use harsh chemical cleaners or oils on the webbing. Doing so may compromise the integrity of the collar or leash. 

If your gear has brass hardware, make sure you clean it good after a beach session to prevent severe tarnishing of the hardware. Quickly dry with a towel and you're good to go!


Extreme care must be taken when cleaning products with name debossed foil. Do not rub, scrub, or wipe the foil area. Doing so may remove the foil. Gently rinse with minimal rubbing using your finger without strength to clean off dirt.

Due to its handmade nature, personalisation with foils may have slight imperfections as it is difficult to control. This is more evident in symbols with a large surface area.

Colour transfer may happen for light coloured webbing. Ink and dye commonly from apparels can cause light coloured webbing especially white to be stained. This may happen when you put on a doggy clothing with low quality dye and wear a collar at the same time. The clothing may rub against the collar and the dye may leave a stain. This is not removable as ink/dye can stain PVC. Do not attempt to use detergent or machine wash at any time. 

Biothane can crack on rare occasions. Flea collars may affect the integrity of biothane collars so please avoid them. Cracking is part of wear and tear.



Gold Hardware 

Please note that brass by nature will tarnish but this is not rust. Hence, brass tarnish may stain light-coloured webbing like white and especially collars. Cleaning will lighten the brass stains. Sometimes brass may stain white dogs fur, but fret not as it can all be washed away and it is non-toxic. To restore brass to its shine, squeeze a lemon onto a paper towel until damp and rub the brass hardware. It should almost instantly become shiny! Wipe off the moisture with a dry towel and it is good to go! Brass is great because there is no plated coat, so dragging it along the ground will not damage the gold colour. It is the most durable of the four.

Rose Gold Hardware is probably everyone's favourite hardware! Unlike other brands, we use solid brass underneath the beautiful colour instead of zinc alloy which is cheap and inferior to brass. Rose gold is prone to scratches; especially on the screws. Other than the screws, it is somewhat like silver hardware, but slightly inferior in terms of how well the rose gold colour stays. Abrasion points like D rings and snaps do not easily scratch unlike black hardware. If you drag your leash on the ground, then be prepared to see scratches on the screws and D ring. Please note that rose gold is prone to colour fading when used for a long time. Once rose gold scratches, the solid brass underneath will be exposed and can leave yellowish stains on light coloured biothane like gold hardware.

Black hardware is a layer of black coat that is plated onto brass. If you are particular about aesthetics, this will be perfect for many colour combinations. However, this hardware choice will mean you have to "baby" it as it will scratch if it drags on rough surfaces (like the concrete ground). The black coating may come off at abrasion points (such as D rings & snaps) and reveal the golden brass underneath. 

Silver hardware will stay nice and shiny, as it is nickel plated brass. The nickel is unlike black even though it is plated and is more durable. The nickel plating will not be easily scratched at abrasion points and it is a great choice as an in between of brass and black. 

Martingale Chains

Silver Stainless Steel is resistant to rust and suitable for beach activities. It has a silver-coloured finish without any surface plating, which means the abrasion from tightening the chains will not cause colour to fade or scratch. Stainless steel may leave light coloured coats with a slight greyish tinge but rest assured this will wash out and it is non toxic. Only opt for this if your dog has dark coloured coat around the neck.

Rose Gold Stainless Steel is Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) coated which has higher resistance to wear and scratches than normal electroplated hardware. This colour has slightly less pink hue like our rose gold hardware and is somewhat closer to gold. It may experience minor spots without rose gold due to the welding of the chains and rings. This will be silver coloured (stainless steel) and it is minimal. Scratches may happen as wear and tear and the colour may fade and reveal the silver stainless steel underneath.

Gunmetal Black stainless steel is is Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) coated which has higher resistance to wear and scratches than normal electroplated hardware. It may experience minor spots without gunmetal due to the welding of the chains and rings. This will be silver coloured (stainless steel) and it is minimal. Scratches may happen as wear and tear and the colour may fade and reveal the silver stainless steel underneath.


From Superior to Inferior

Gold > Silver > Rose Gold > Black

P.S. Hardware will be scratched if you choose to drag your leash on the ground, as this is still a metal (it's not made of diamonds).

Tag Collar FAQ

1. Will the S-hook undo the collar during rough play?

No. A properly fitted collar will not undo itself. It takes quite a bit of effort to twist the holes out of the hook.

2. Will the S-hook cause discomfort onto the neck?

No. This collar will not have any pressure on the back of the neck as you should not attach a leash to this collar. When there is nothing pulling down the front of the collar, the S-hook will sit on the back of the neck gently without causing any discomfort. Name tags are not heavy enough to create enough pressure on the collar.

3. Can I attach a leash to the tag collar?

No. Please opt for our other collars if you need a collar for walking. This collar is meant for everyday use and hanging identification tags only.

4. What size should I order for my 6 month old puppy?

Please wait until your puppy is fully grown depending on the breed before ordering because this collar is a fixed size and cannot be adjusted.

5. Will these tags cause hair matting for thick-coated breeds like Poodles, Husky, Japanese Spitz or Golden Retrievers?

The tag collar is suitable for thick-coated breeds and will cause less matting than normal collars due to the minimal hardware and weight. However, it is still recommended to remove the collar when sleeping at night and brushing your dog's coat is still important.

6. What if the collar is the wrong size because I measured incorrectly?

If your collar is too big, you can send us an email or send us an Instagram DM and we can help. 

If your collar is too small, it cannot be fixed.


Don't see your question? Drop us a message and we'll be happy to answer you as soon as possible!