About Us

Welcome to The Sleek Hound!

We specialise in handcrafting each and every piece of collar and lead from scratch. Every Sleek gear is custom made with love, to your preferences. We pride ourselves with being the first handmade BioThane® webbing pet accessories artisan in Singapore. 

The reason we created The Sleek Hound in July 2019 was to cater to irritated dog owners who did not enjoy using generic nylon and leather collars & leashes. As dog owners ourselves, we were always stressed about our leads dragging on the dirty ground and fraying nylon leads that would eventually break. We wanted a care-free, worry-proof collar and leash that pet owners can use through all kinds of adventures, from swimming, hiking, training and etc. With BioThane®, it is so simple to care for, and is a webbing that can take all the "beatings" of the average dog being a dog. Functionality aside, we noticed that other biothane accessories shops did not have the aesthetics & workmanship done right. Hence we heavily focus on the appearance, where every design oozes the aesthetics of sleek & chic. Our impeccable craftsmanship is unparalleled and every detail is refined.


We are proud to have our own original designs that were invented here at The Sleek Hound. This includes our Rainbow edition, the Cruiser Multi-way Leash, the Swift Classic Collar and the interchangeable Sleek Bows. These are our designs that we are so proud of, and are proven to be a huge hit with all our customers. Support small, support original designs and say no to imitations. 

This is Sushi, the sole boss & quality controller of The Sleek Hound. Each handmade piece goes through her inspection before mailing. We are a one dog, one human team that does everything here at The Sleek Hound and we aim to fulfill all your walking gear needs while still being comfortable and stylish.

We believe that The Sleek Hound gear can improve your quality of life, with less to worry about pretty leads and collars getting ruined, muddy and wet. It also helps that our products all look gorgeous, so you're sure to receive complements from other dog owners!

where aesthetics meet functionality. 

We don't compromise on either.