About Us

Welcome to The Sleek Hound – where every pet accessory is meticulously handcrafted with a touch of love and customised to your preferences. As pioneers in the art of crafting BioThane® webbing pet accessories in Singapore and South East Asia, we take pride in offering a unique and personalised experience.

Established in July 2019, The Sleek Hound was born out of a desire to address the concerns of dog owners dissatisfied with generic nylon and leather collars and leads. As fellow dog enthusiasts, we understand the frustration of dealing with dirty, fraying leads during various activities. Our mission was to create hassle-free, worry-proof collars and leads that could withstand all the adventures of pet ownership – from swimming and hiking to training and beyond.

Enter BioThane® – a material that simplifies care while enduring the energetic antics of your furry friends. Beyond functionality, we observed a gap in the market regarding the aesthetics and craftsmanship of BioThane accessories. Hence, we made it our mission to focus on the visual appeal, ensuring that each design exudes the sleek and chic aesthetics we're known for. Our commitment to impeccable craftsmanship is evident in every detail.

At The Sleek Hound, we are proud to introduce our original designs, conceived right here in our workshop. The Rainbow edition, Cruiser Multi-way Leash, Swift Classic Collar, interchangeable Sleek Bows, Neptune Handle, Phone Sling, and Pochette AirTag Holder are a testament to our creativity and have garnered immense popularity among our customers. When you choose The Sleek Hound, you're not just purchasing a product – you're supporting small businesses, embracing original designs, and saying no to imitations.

Experience the difference with The Sleek Hound – where aesthetics meets functionality, and every accessory is crafted with passion and precision.

Meet Sushi, the chief executive and quality controller at The Sleek Hound. Every meticulously crafted piece undergoes her inspection before making its way to you. As a team of one dog and one human, we handle every aspect here at The Sleek Hound, committed to fulfilling all your walking gear needs with comfort and style.

We firmly believe that The Sleek Hound gear can enhance your quality of life, alleviating concerns about beautiful leads and collars being ruined, soiled, or soaked. The added bonus is that our products boast a stunning aesthetic, guaranteeing compliments from fellow dog owners!

Where aesthetics seamlessly meld with functionality, we refuse to compromise on either. Trust The Sleek Hound to deliver walking gear that not only elevates your canine companion's style but also simplifies your daily adventures, making them worry-free and enjoyable.