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Xen Harness
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Xen Harness

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X style waterproof harness is perfect for dogs who generally walk well on the leash on heel. Suitable for cats and toy-sized dogs, these are a great alternative to our traditional Y-style harness, with less material, easier and more flexible sizing. They only require one measurement with little room for error. Look sleek and stylish during your adventures! Tailored to your hound's exact size, these are for fully grown dogs. Puppies should wait until fully grown before ordering as size can only be adjusted +/- 2.5cm.

As this harness is made with metal components, it may significantly weigh more than a generic harness that is made with nylon webbing, especially if quick release is added.

Please note that this is a tailor-made product and it is your responsibility to provide accurate measurements. Any changes required will be charged accordingly.

This harness does not come with our signature box.

Lead time is 15 working days.


Please follow the measuring guide and ensure you measure snug, replicating how tight you want the harness to fit as the measuring tape will mimic the harness. Do not add finger spacing or any additional leeway. It is not recommended to size it loosely as a poorly fitted harness can risk your pet escaping from the harness. Measure your dog standing on four legs properly for best fit.

Cats should measure as tight as possible as they can bend out of a harness easier than dogs. Measure your cat standing on four legs properly for best fit.

Any incorrect size is not refundable or exchangeable. If a size change is needed, a replacement will be charged accordingly. It is your responsibility to ensure sizing is correct. 

Size ordered can only be adjusted +/- 2.5cm. E.g, 70cm size will fit 67.5cm to 72.5cm. There are 5 holes to adjust from and size ordered is the middle hole.

Add quick release to make wearing and removing the harness easy and quick.

For toy dogs less than 2.5kg, please note that adding quick-release buckles can make the harness much heavier. Only add-on if you are okay with this.


As every screen/monitor has different colour properties, there can be slight differences from what you see and the actual product. We do our best to represent the most accurate colours.

Each consumer is responsible for determining the suitability of these products. Consumer accepts all responsibility by purchasing the products. The Sleek Hound is not responsible for any and all injuries that can occur from the improper use of its products. Constant supervision is recommended when your dog is using these products.

Due to the handmade nature of these items, there may be slight variations in colour or length. No two leashes or collars will be identical.

Personalisation Disclaimer:

Foils are delicate and may fade over time with use. When cleaning your gear, make sure you do not rub the foil area and be extra careful. Wiping your gear may also cause the foil to fade. In the event that all foil has disappeared, the deboss will still be visible.

Due to its handmade nature, foils may have slight imperfections as it is difficult to control.